(FOR SALE): 24" Street Unicycle

Hey guys,

Im getting rid of my 24" street uni.

here are he specs:
-Viscount saddle
-gold primo bmx pedals
-3 day old Kh/onza cranks
-Kh/onza hub-(1 flange hole is broken)
-doublewide rim
-24"x2.5" frame ( frame is shot, still works well though, come with it)
-Custom made steel 22.2mm steal post
-needs new spokes
-and 24"x2.5" hookworm slick

im asking $275 Canadian for it, you pay shipping.






i might be interested

i might be interested looks like a good uni. do u have an email that i could reach u at?


i may be interested in some of the parts if you end up parting it out. Particularly, the tire, the saddle, and/or the pedals. PM me if you end up doing so.

whats wrong with the frame?

i bent the seat post tube, and bent it back.


what kinda frame is it? and do you want to keep it together or will you part it?

wow… you want a trashed saddle?

not cool BOYon1wheel, phff your no man…

i didnt mean to offend anyone… and i know im not a MAN but yeah… i just made it to match my email address. i just dont understand why anyone would want a saddle ductaped together. i was just wondering if he knew if it was trashed. i dont think he saw the pics…

but yeah i really respect you. your really good. i didnt mean to offend anyone.

Wow, that’s some ass kissing right there. He was joking dude, relax.


oh… i thought that was just part of the chair in the background or something. Now that i look closer it’s funny… I’ve never tried a viscount saddle before so i saw the word “Viscount” and thought, “ooh… maybe if he parts it out…”

i may still be interested in the pedals, tire, and possibly saddle (depending on if you part it or not and how much you want for the thing… i could probably work up a new cover for it…)

did you just miss my post or not post back on purpose