{for sale} -24" street torker DX

hey guys, im new here and looking to get a new uni…

im not really into my 24" that much anymore and i’d like to jump back onto the 20" train.

im asking $275 cdn

the other reason im selling is cause i might need the money for college in a couple months, but we’ll see!

i bought a maxxis street tire for it and primo pedals, basically indestructible if your into big street like me.

its not really all that old eitherm maybe 5-6months? i also cut down the foam on the seat.

solid uni, at a cheap price!

let me know, thanks.


http://www.usedvictoria.com/ReportPreviewUsedAd?used_ad_id=3512412 (for pics )

aw that sucks, could of had another street 24 companion!

where ar u located ? im guessing canada

Looks like Victoria BC… that’s the trader site he linked to.

Jkohse…275?? Torker 24 inchers are way less new, whats so special about this one?

noooooooooo were going down in number! :astonished:

curses… :frowning:

i didnt realize it had gone down, ill take $200 cdn and you pay shipping…

where are u located?