FOR SALE:24" Schwinn uni- MAde in USA

This is one of the very LAST US MAde Schwinn Unis, before being sold to Pacific Cycle, and moved off-shore. The older schwinns had terrible “cottered” cranks that routinely worked loose rendering it un-rideable. This one comes out of the Boulder, CO plant, where the original company moved from Chicago and teamed with GT Bikes. There quality improved, and they introduced the new cotter-less cranks, and improved bearings. This one also comes with TWO extra tires, one which is a 24/2.4 Maxxis, brand new. ALso included is an extra seatpost (long), and extra set of wellgo pinned pedals, and…a mint condition 1970 handbook/manual for 20 & 24" scwhinn unicycles! All for $110 firm. Buyer pays for actual shipping charge.

will you sell the extra parts seperately? and you said 2 extra tires ones a maxxis whats the other?

I want to sell it with everything mentioned. I may be putting it on ebay pretty soon; pretty much every scwhinn uni I’ve seen on ebay gets alot of bids. If not, I’ll just keep it-it’s kinda cool because I had one as a kid.

ok sweet… this is a stupid question but i don’t know much about schwin but is it a flat crown with lolli pop bearings?

The bearings are pressed into the bottom of the forks, and secured with a c-clip of sorts. All I know is it’s pretty solidly built, although it’s not made for anything extreme.

Is this still available or did it go to eBay heaven? I’m up in Stockton, CA. If it were boxed with pedals and seat/post removed, it would go Greyhound fairly inexpensively I think. Thanks, Steve.