FOR SALE: 24" MUni with KH crank & hubset

Am selling as I’m upgrading to a KH29.

UDC Max Traction.

26" Nimbus Frame
24" Halo Combat Rim
24x3 Halo Contra Tyre
KH 175mm Crank & Hubset

Should be able to get some pictures by the weekend too.

Will be an ebay auction up, unless I get a good offer before then.


22.2mm seatpost & a KH saddle


Whereabouts are you and what sort of price are you looking at?


or Kent(canterbury) - as i can take it to uni with me (from 1st may)

offers over £100 considered

Pictures! I may be interested.

i like pictures

so do i.

i (insert number here) that!

I’m interested too, Just bought 24" for my better half and really would like one for myself, jealousy is an awlful thing. What state, price and pictures, and postage. I’m Swansea South Wales UK. :slight_smile:

INTERESTED… pictures please.

Lot of overseas interest on this haha.

Is the auction for it, including a PICTURE!!!

I can do more pictures on request, just tell me what bits of it you want photo’ing

Hmm, I wonder why that item description looks familiar?

My friend dave sold his uni which he bought at the same time as me quite recently, and lent me the ebay description, they’re pretty much identical uni’s apart from the Rim and the Frame size (mines 26 his is 24)


That explains it then, I thought you were a sneaky ebay-description thief!

Lol, no he used my description entirely with my blessing, we rode, broke and upgraded our unis pretty much together so they ended up pretty much the same.

Gah! Outbid by a pound!
One lousy pound!!

See, this is what happens when you get your kids to bid for you because you’re stuck in work and can’t get on-line.

Next time it will be mine!

Hey! It took a couple of bids to do that, and with only 3 seconds to go for the final one as well! But you really left me waiting for ages thinking I’d get it for £102!

Thank god for a slow morning at work… I’m picking it up on Monday :slight_smile: