For Sale: 24" Muni Wheel Alex Rim Profile Hub

Ok so here’s the deal: I have a brand new 24" Alex DX 32 Rim and DT swiss champion spokes. I’m about to lace them on to a slightly used, but basically new profile hub. I’m willing to part with it for about $225. The Hub is chrome and the rim is black, but for an extra $20 I can powder coat the rim or hub any color you want from the folowing list of colors: Pink, Lime Green, Light Blue, White, Red, Orange, Clear Coat or Purple. If I get a definate buyer, I will coat and lace it then post a picture.

I’ll trade you my 24" bc for the hub.


sorry, i’m looking fer cash…I’m strapped. and i’d rather sell the whole thing


Do you have cranks to go with the hub?

is this the profile hub you had at cmw?

i have cranks, but it’ll cost u more…u interested?

uh yes, the one on my muni, its practically unused…u interested?

sorry, no. Its a really great deal though. if I hadnt just bought a muni id probably have gotten it.

About those cranks…

Ok, well, how much more? And what size cranks?

Thanks - SC

well i have a set of mostly unused chrome 145mm crank arms that i been using…of i can slide on a black pair of 170mm…but the 170s are bent slightly…so for the chrome ones another $50 or for the black ones another $25