For Sale......24" Muni (Profile hub/ CF Plate)

ok out of my secret labratory comes somthing kind of differant

starting from the top

the air seat Gemcrest leather cover with 12" air tube and Miyata foam inside…brand new Kinport handle, miyata clone rear bumper…25.4 seat post

the frame its a brand new, not a nick or a ding Torker DX frame and will fit a Gazzolotti tyre with about a quarter inch of clearance on the top and sides. VERY IMPORTANT!!! the Gazz in the picture is for demonstation only and is not figured into the price its the Gazz that i had problems with staying on the rim. i put it on for the pictures since most everyone seems to post that a Torker DX wont fit a Gazz? well now you can see that it indeed can., anyway if you buy this uni your going to need a tyre.

the wheel Profile hub with chrome 160mm cranks…DT Swiss 14/15 butted black spokes laced to an Alex DX32 rim…note, the Alex rim is the best one available. it has the machiened sidewalls and the nipple eyelits. no pedals.

the wheel is only about 3 months old and is totaly rock solid.

$460+shipping takes it.

down shot.jpg

Gazz clearance

even though it doesnt look like it on the sides there is just as much clearance for the tyre on the sides as on the top. about a quarter inch.


wheel close up

wheel shot.jpg

Good evening, I’m possibly interested! How much is shipping to Ontario, Canada? Also, can you include a tire, or will it have none at all?

shipping to Canada? i dont know and dont want to bother finding out.

serious offers only please.

yep,thats what i said.

PM being sent…

dont see anything yet?:smiley:

is that a modified frame?

So Jagur, did you decide not to sell the KH pro frame, brake, and seat off the muni you had a CMW? If you still wanna sell the seat from that muni (cf base, rail adapter, handle… seatpost possibly?), feel free to PM me, as I’ll buy.

Happy trails.

what part of…

did you not understand…?

of course its not “modified” :roll_eyes:

What kind of handle is that on your seat? I’d like to buy a seat with the Roach nylon cover, but I can’t quite tell from your photo if that’s what you have. I’m amazed you’re including the Gazz for that price. Great deal.

Oh yeah, what kind of pedals are those? I’m hoping for some wellgoes…

If you PM me with shipping cost to Nova Scotia, I’ll let you know if I’m interested…

hehe nice one tom

well if you want a CF base the only one i got is on this muni for sale. i wouldnt mind selling it separatly, if of course you had somone to buy the wheel too.

What do you want for just the wheel…?

Hey catboy, if you want I’ll buy the seat and you can buy the wheel, thus working out for both of us. Jagur, if you wanna name a price for the seatbase or entire seat, that’d be cool. Catboy, I hope this works for you.

But what to do with the frame… Maybe…

sorry, i posted without reading the whole thing. but my freind has the same frame, and not even a 2.7 tire can fit.

Pictures don’t lie…unless it’s a 2.6, and I can’t see Jag bullshitting us about something like that.

maybe Torker lenthed the legs for more clearance. theres a chance my frame is a 2005 model.

i’ll just keep it…ive been thinking about this and i will concider tearing it apart but the total price isnt going to change.

for the wheel: $350+ship

for the seat: $110+ship

i’ll still accept offers for the whole thing, PM me for fastest reply.