FOR SALE: 24" KH freeride

Hey guys…

this is a 24 inch Kris Holm Freeride Uni I got… I’ve literally only ever been on 2 rides with it. Fantastic condition.

Got the KH/ONZA splined hub and crank set, KH fusion saddle… ill post up some pics if anyone shows interest.

I live in Australia… I’ll ship to anywhere pretty much if you are willing to pay postage. Maybe we can work something out.

As for the price, brought this for AU$820 new… sooo… im thinkin around AU$550?? tell me what you think please :slight_smile:

Hope to see some interest!

cheers, Chris

Oh by the way AU$550 is around US$500

Picture please for i am interested!:wink:


hey thanks for showing some interest :slight_smile:

Some pictures should be attatched to this message… hope it works…

thanks again


Very nice, very nice indeed! how long are u willing to hold onto it for?:smiley:

not sure if mum wants it but will keep trying


ummm… i spose i want to sort of sell it as soon as i can but i can hold onto it for a bit if your seriously interested…

do you minid if i ask where you’re from?

thanx again