For Sale: 24 Butterfly pedals, Magura HS33, ridiculously good deals! No, seriously.

First I’d like to point out, these are UK sales only!

24 Butterfly pedals (rebranded Rockrider versions), almost brand new, used twice, and left pedal has a few scratches from pedalgrabs. The bearings are sweet and smooth, and the pins are all there.

^The RRP for these in UK are around £55-£60… so I’ll charge £35 only including postage and packaging!

As for the Magura HS33 brake:
2004 raceline yellow edition. I will include free: 4 extra slave cylinders, a spare 2006 black lever blade! £35 posted only!

Bargains. :wink:

For the brake, I assume at the 35 would be shipped to somewhere in the UK, How much to the US? If its cheap I might be interested. The yellow would match my QU-AX.


If smcmorrow paid shipping then Sponge would probably be willing to sell them.

Sponge pm sent, i’m interested.

Oop, I missed that, sorry. Never mind then.

Hi Sponge

I know Norry has already PM’d you, but I don’t know if it was for the pedals or brakes (or both). So, if the brakes are still available, then check your PM inbox any minute now…


HS33 sold to norry.

24 Butterflys still for sale! Go on, someone in the UK surely must want a pair for only £35 with free postage? It’s been used twice, and a only has a few minor scuffs.

Tell you what, I’ll throw in Defect for free as well!. :slight_smile:

Sponge, could you send me your paypal account address so that I can send you the dough for that frame, thanks.

Are the pedals still for sale?
I want them but do you send them to belgium for free and how much euros is 35pond?

UK sale only it says.
Plus you can convert valuta on many sites.
Also, visite Decathlon for these pedals, will cost 40€

Peter M