[For Sale] 24' Bedford Muni

Hello ladies and gents,

It tears at my soul, and brings a tear to my eye, but I have no choice but to give up my baby. It has been well taken care of, and is excellent condition.

Best offer takes it, and if you have any questions just let me know. I’m located in Ottawa, and I’ll ship it wherever you like as long as the shipping cost is covered.

All surfaces are custom powder coated, and the flames are decals which could be removed I’m sure if you’d prefer it without.





I have 60 dollars :frowning: … I’m sure this will go for a lot more than that.

I ride the 26" version of that tire on my bike, very nice tire, although a bit heavy.

May I ask why you need to sell it?

Want it

How much did you pay? 225? I don’t know much about bedfords, is it splined?

$120 plus shipping is my offer, let me know what you on the above and i’ll consider more, i’m flexible


I’m selling it because I just can’t justify keeping it around anymore… I’m in the midst of moving, and opening a business. I haven’t had the opportunity to ride it in ages, and I don’t foresee using it anytime soon. So, me and my baby must part.

please answer
interested if its splined

If you look at the picture, you’ll notice that they are cotterless cranks, not splined.


ok thanks I did not look at all the pictures just the first

You can tell by the first picture. =p

:thinking: How you can barely see the hub

the cranks are quite obviously lasco or similar, certainly not any of the available splined uni cranks. I’m not syaing that you should have known that, but that’s how others can tell.

he’s looking for a splined HUB, not splined cranks

Ok… You can still tell that the hub and cranks are not splined.


Now that we got that little debate out of the way! I definitely paid quite a bit more than $225, however exactly how much I honestly can’t remember. It was custom built so everything had to be taken apart and individually powder coated, which upped the price a little.

For a general idea on how much Bedford unicycles go for you can check out http://www.bedfordunicycles.ca/ where they have a price list.

So as for the $120 offer… definitely not letting it go for that price. Anyone else out there have a suggested price or offer? I’ve been out of the unicycling loop for a few years so I’m really not sure how much it’s actually worth… just know how much it’s worth to me!

It’s a used unicycle, and it’s cotterless. ISIS splined hubs are so inexpensive now that I doubt someone will pay anywhere over maybe $200 for your uni. Not to mention the painful seat…

if you change the cranks to KH moments and the hub to a suzue, I might be interested…

but seriously, now that nimbus put spline hubs on basically everything, you might be able to get 150 for that.

Umm, KH Moments = ISIS.
Suzue hub is cotterless… :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say anywhere for 100-200 for this uni is a good price.

perhaps I should have put a :stuck_out_tongue: in my other post to make the sarcasm clearer.