for sale: 24" bedford freestyle with kh hub

its used and missing like 4 spokes and a spoke nipple its got a bedford flatcrown 24in frame maxis hookworm tire sun doublewalled rim and the 2006 kh onza hub with 165mm cranks no pedals seat or seatpost its missing a im lookin for 200 usd plus shipping

Would this be J. Khoses old uni?

its cruise controls old one i dont know his name it could be

Hmm, I thought he bent the cranks to hell, and the frame.

neither of them are messed up so you might be thinking of another muni cus they are both in good condition

no justin got it all replaced…

Hmm, sure about that?

yeah dude
the cranks couldnt have been ridden for more than a month and the frame has maby one or 2 scratches on it

yeah kris replaced them for free for me cause i destroyed them in a 2 weeks the first time haha.

good street uni though


Didnt you bend the frame then bend it back?

id also be willing to trade it for 20 inch trials wheelset with tire cranks and frame