[For sale] 24" 2005 onza Muni

Its a Onza Mini with light rideing in great shape and it has magura hs33"

pics comeing soon i would like to get around 400$ and i will pay ship.




i wish i had 400 us…but its just not in the budget right now.

Is it just me or is that rim SEXY?

so sexy you wana buy it?

its just you

200$ for it

no 400

I offered $325! And I can pay that paypal immmediately, still no reply! Haven’t heard back from him. No biggie to me; my '06 torker dx does just fine.:o

sry its not realy mine its my frends im selling it for him and i havent talked to him yat and he was offered 375 so unless you can beat that no deal

I understand. $375 is pretty close to what you were asking, so go for it…if that person doesn’t come through, let me know. I could up my offer to $350, but that’s my ceiling.

I an get better then that for 100$ do u kno how stupid it would be to pay 400$ ? and I can pay paypal too

Max, the maguras alone are probably worth $100.

more than that even.

Why not have “maxisback” tell us WHERE and WHAT (specifically) he can get for $100 that’s “better than that.”

I agree! “maxisback” has a verrrrrrry bad habit of knocking the quality or price of almost every uni that anybody wants to sell on this forum. I think that if he isn’t interested in buying a particular item, he should just keep his mouth shut!!!
I sincerely believe that nobody here would try to take advantage of another unicyclist


kh onza + EBAY POWER for the breaks… buncha noobs…and actually I remember justin selling his godly Muni for 470$…

Maxisback is really starting to piss me off a bit

ahh :frowning: r u gonna tell me Im mean ? or even tell me ur gonna break my legs ?