[ For Sale ] - 24" '07 kH street/muni

hey guys,

so ive really been trying to find myself here for the past few months haha.

i really want to get back into tech now, SO!

ill need to be selling my Brand ( almost) New! 24" kh '07.


  • maxxis holy roller
    -'08 prototype KH drilled rim 9 the spoke pattern is different so its alot stronger.
    ( the spokes are not in the center of the rim but closer to the side walls, almost a wider stance), amazing rim!
    -150 moments
    -black celinskis ( i think thats how you spell it)
    -non-rail kh seat post
    -and a kh fusion saddle (gel)

so i bought this uni off darren bedford just over a month ago, i messed up the rim it came with( apparently a bad batch of nipples), and i bought the rim thats on it now from kris holm.

I do have everything to convert it from street to Muni.

muni items:

  • kenda kenetics tire
  • or a 24x 3.0 gazz ( someone was buying it but i havent heard from them)
  • and a pair of amazing tiogas ( which you can view in my $50 sale)

so that basically covers it! im ordering a nimbus isis trials with moments so i need to sell this asap! ( plus im a student…lol)

bought the uni for $650 off darren, looking to get $550, and if it sells pretty quick ill throw in the muni stuff with it too, so you can have a muni “and” street set up.

let me know guys!


Haha you just bought it! so your getting a Nimbus 24" with moments…nice…But wont you get Duty when crossing the border?


20", and i probably will, but! yeah i did just buy, but im selling it to buy a 20" cause i want to work on tech, im terrible at it haha.

Maybe you should just always keep a 20" and 24" around because you seem to change your mind a lot;)

man if i could afford it i would, hence the student situation!, i feel this uni is a pretty good deal though no?

Jkohse. Check out http://unicycle.cc/ They are located in Calgary and may have the Nimbus that you are looking for. Without duty etc.

Ohh cool getting back into a 20". awesome…Hope you sell it:)

Ohh yeah get it from www.unicyle.cc you wont regret it.


damn, thanks guys! i had no idea?!

So youre switching back I see? I thought you said you’d never switch back:D. anyways, tech is way easier on a 20 inch so yeah, and tech is anyways a whole lot better :sunglasses: .

heres the muni pedals

$500 cdn

ive got a brand new ( still in box) kh non drilled muni rim (2007) i can throw in the deal too, comes with brand new 13 gauge black spokes.

too slow, SOLD

I so want it but my piggy bank so does not! :roll_eyes:

a quote by you?

haha. i thought id just bump you up.:wink:

lol yeah, after riding the 20 and seeing what people are doing with tech these days. i switched back. Thanks for going back and finding that though haha.

and its sold, but thanks for the bump

thank god. sorry man i just reckon the 24’" looks soo gay when doing street. lol.

screw you. its seriously hardcore. id like to see you crankflip a 2 fet wide wheel.not to mention double or triple.

woh woh, easy man…

thanks uniDude

Not to be a dick or anything but you are pretty quickly digging yourself into a hole. I’d tone down some of your posts if you want many friends around here. This is the second post I’ve seen from you in the past few days where you’ve been a bit brash.