[For Sale] 20inch custom uni

A 20inch custom with a alex d32 rim, 36 spokes, and kh hub and cranks. it has a luna tire on it but ill ship it with a new creepy crawer. the frame has a fresh coat of paint on it and it a yuni style.the seat is a mildly used unicycle.com gel seat. looking to get anything above 225. willing to ship anywhere in the us aslong as buyer pays if you would like to see pictures email me at colsmith16@yahoo.com


[For Sale] 24inch onza w/ brake

this is a basic onza with a little bit of usage but it has a hs33 magura brake. Also the uni has snafu pedals. willing to ship anywhere in the us as long as buyer pays shipping email me with any qestions on pricing or pictures at colsmith16@yahoo.com


[For Sale] coker

this unicycle has a kh air seat with a hand made frame and it also has Jim Cielencki glow in the dark pedals the unicycle has a custom handel bars on it if you would like pictures please email me at colsmith16@yahoo.com the price is anything around 200 but is very flexible.


if you wanna sell the Hs33 i’ll buy it. let me know. (does it have the stainless line?)

That is a great deal on the coker, someone will snatch it quickly if you make a seperate thread on it.

I already emailed him about the coker last night :stuck_out_tongue:

but he posted it today so how did you mail him last night

how much for the muni

He posted it last night at 10:55

yeah and I emailed him at 11:38

im interested in the trials ill email you later today

im going on vaction and will not have any way to get onto the internet for a week so i be able to give everyone pictures and final prices. but im not going to separte stuff unless it does not sell but i will be very flexible. hope everyone keeps posting be back next saturday.

the muni is around 300 it is in great condition clean and rides well

If you email me your address Do you think we could work this out over the phone and have the coker sent out before you leave?

damn you nathan lol i wanted it bahaha

Has anyone heard back from Colin since his return yesterday? I’m trying to buy that Onza muni of his, and haven’t heard back from him. If you ended up buying it already (or know somebody who did), could you post? I just want to know if I need to start looking elsewhere or not.


I havnt heard back from him either and I really want to get this coker.

Does anyone talk to Colin on a regular basis and know if he is back yet?