FOR SALE: 2008 KH 24' Muni

Hello All!

Well, I used to have time to ride. But it seems that once I bought this beautiful machine I lost all time. Weird. So…I bought this, less than a year ago (A present to myself with my tax return) and I haven’t used it except for a leisurely ride to the local mart. So it has been sitting in my trunk for far too long. I need to sell it. I paid $600 for it and am asking $500. I am also willing to take serious offers. Would like to sell ASAP.

Thank you!


Where are you located? Pictures?

I am located in San Diego.

I currently don’t have any pictures. My camera is somewhere else. It has no damage. It is in perfect condition.

PM Sent.



HI, I’m 13 years old, I would get a lot of use out of this UNICYCLE, would you sell it for $400. PLEASE CONTACT ME OR E-MAIL ME AT