For Sale: 2007 Torker DX Trials

My friend Perry is selling his '07 Torker DX Trials. It’s virtually unused in perfect condition. I can get a pic up in a couple of days, but it’s the same as the stock pic below, except Perry’s is the 2007 model, which also has the “reenforcement” ring just above the crown. Just immaculate.

All stock but with a Quick Release. He’s asking $175 plus actual shipping, so no extra “packaging or handling” fees. Should be no more than about $20-$25, making the grand total with shipping $200 maximum. So that’s a good solid $50 savings from even the cheapest place on the net, Bicycle source. Will ship only to US residents. PM if interested.


20" tire correct?

YEah, and 19" Alex rim. Same size tire as the $455 Onza trials. If you really want to you can get a 19" tire for it. Btw, with shipping the DX trials is about $100 more from UDC! Here are the specs:

Uh… what? It’s a trials tire…

Yes of course. It’s a maxxis creepy crawler. The rim is 19" so it’s a true trials size, but the tire is 20". Some trials unis like KH use a 19" tire on the same 19"rim, others, like Onza and the DX use 20" tires. I can’t tell the difference, at least looking at it.

Terry I think you’ve been a bit misinformed, the tire on the KH is the same exact tire on the Torker. All tires on 19" rims are 19" some just say 20" on the sidewall. You can’t fit a normal 20" on a trials rim, it just wouldn’t work.

Sorry for bringing this off topic, I just wanted to clarify.

and maybe I should clarify. When I said tire I just wanted to make sure it was in the 20" size as compared to 24".

Ahh, I had suspected that haha! Thanks for clarifying that!:smiley:

Oh yeah it’s a 20". Since I Put “trials” in the ad I figured I didn’t need to specify whel size, but I guess I should have anyway. Thanks.:smiley:

No that’s alright. first thing I thought was 20, plus the uni in the picture looks like a 20". I just wanted to make sure it was an actual “trials” unicycle rather than a unicycle that you used for trials. Because I know some use 24" for trials

Yep you’re right. I often use my KH 24" MUni for trials/street-type stuff when I’m not doing MUni, like jumping stair sets, and big drops off street obstacles, and just generally hopping up and down stuff.

Terry If you run across a 24" DX I would be interested at that price. I have not figured out the hole pm yet. Mack

You were a day late. My Friend was looking for a reasonable deal on one of these, and he just decided to get one off UDC on the 28th

Ok my friend Perry said he would INCLUDE standard UPS shipping (with insurance as well!) for $175! That’s a damn good deal since this 2007 DX trials is like new and at the most has 5 hours of riding on it!

Again, if you want an actual pic let me know. I can take some later today. Once again, $175 takes it with shipping included! :smiley: :sunglasses: :p:) (US shipping only)

Any trials tire is “technically” 19", to fit 19" trials rims, but it’s really 20". You can call them either one, but they’re all the same.

It’s a really stupid system…

I have a DX 24" for sale! I posted a thread in the trade forum…

Sold American! [SIZE=2]:smiley: