[FOR SALE] 2007 Kris Holm Trials uni

I’ve decided to sell it because I just don’t use it enough to warrant keeping it. I’ve put maybe a total of 2 hours ride time on it, so it’s like brand new except for a few little scratches on the cranks, and one minor scratch on the left side of frame, just below the crown. (see pics) Also a little discoloration on the top of the saddle. The snafu pedals that came with it are perfect and don’t have a mark on them.

UDC is out of stock on these 'till sometime in the middle of next month, (July) and with their base price is $500, you would pay around $535 or more with shipping. You can check specs on this uni here: http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=799

My KH trials has the 137mm moment cranks.
I will only sell the whole uni and I won’t part it out. My no-haggle price is $375, so you’ll save $175 off the UDC price and be able to get it now. I will also ship (US only) for a flat rate of just $15, and I will include $400 of insurance to cover the cost, and you will also get a UPS tracking number. :slight_smile:


Hey Terry!

I have $225 right now, and working, so I can have the rest of the money real soon (part-time job so maybe a few weeks at the most)

I can guarantee you that I will have the money and will buy this uni, so if you dont mind holding onto it a little longer, you’ll have your money, and ill be one very happy unicyclist. :smiley:

Hope it all works out.

If that doesnt work out with you guys I will take it.
Just let me know and the check’s in the mail :slight_smile:

that is tempting. i already have a very nice trials set up. i want a big street uni. too little money because i need/ want a coker to ride to work this summer.

I’m sorry to say this… but aebikes.com sells kh trials for the same price but new, and it just seems like you’re ripping people off. You should consider lowering the price at least 20 bucks since you rode it for 2 hours :sunglasses:

He certainly isn’t ripping people off. AEBikes is out of stock on the kh trials and its been said that soon they won’t have the great price they currently do. From any location which still has them, this uni is around $500 dollars. If I knew that a KH trials is what I wanted I would totally go for this deal.

Not to mention that his unicycle basically is new, look, the L and R stickers are still on the pedals and cranks and the seat bumpers look almost completely untouched.

and yet aebike no longer has kh unicycles…

Wow you are right, AE doesn’t have any KH stuff at all now, not even the hubs. They certainly didn’t just sell out of this stuff. It looks like they lost their deal with UDC or something.

which is teh suxx0rs :frowning:

AE bikes only has the 24 & 29 size last time I checked, and I hear they may not even have those much longer! I’m selling mine for far less than UDC. Their price on the SAME KH trials uni is well over $100 more than AE Bike (when they had it anyway) Why don’t you go complain to THEM and ask them to “lower” their price! Give me a fucking break!

Whoops sorry for the “F” word, but i can’t change it now. :o
I should have just said “freaking” or “Frickin”, but I was just ticked off at that moment. Like I said, if he thinks I’m “ripping” ppl off because AE bike USED to sell the KH trials for about that price or whetever, then *he* must REALLY feel that UDC is ripping people off BIG time, since they are MUCH, MUCH higher priced than AE is/was for the same unis. For the record, I do not feel that way, and UDC has made corrections in their pricing and IMO try to be competetive and their service has been great in my experience with them.

Don’t worry Terry, I think just about everyone agrees with you.

It’s his unicycle. He can sell it for whatever he wants to sell it for.
You can come in here and say you think he’s selling it for too high, but don’t say that he’s ripping people off. That is not a fair accusation.

I just checked the AE bike website. ALL KH PRICES ARE NOW THE SAME AS UDC! :frowning:

Quick, Terry, raise the price! :stuck_out_tongue:

And the big question: Are you going to hold onto it for Jerrick until he can get the cash in place?

YEah since he was the first to PM me wanting it, I told him i would wait 'till he had the money, which he tells me will be about 6/26/07.

The are actually 4 other interested parties that have also PM’d me saying they would to buy it as well, but becuase Jerrick was the first, I thought it fair to give him the first opportunity. :smiley:

you’re such a nice old dude!!:slight_smile:

lucky jerrick;)

I smell bidding