For Sale: 2007 Kh29

I got this unicycle this fall, and rode it around campus to get to and from classes and such. Mostly it sat in my room looking lonely though, so I am looking for a new home for it. I cant give it the love that it needs, so I am hoping that one of you can. Also, due to a recent leg injury, a high speed crash could completely screw up my next ski season, so I am going to have to slow down in the off-season.

The uni is the stock KH. Instead of listing all the parts… go here:
There is NO brake on this unicycle.

The uni is in great shape and the only reason it is for sale is because I don’t use it enough. My asking price is $350 USD, you pay shipping.

Please PM me if you are interested.

holy crap! that’s an incredible deal. would buy it if I didn’t just buy a trials uni.

hope you have a fast/non-painful recovery.

and pm sent
it come with the double hole cranks?
and what tire?

I almost sent a PM about an hour after you posted. I don’t think I can afford it now, right after buying a KH24. Too bad you didn’t decide to sell in Jan.

There are other fish in the sea…

A great deal, for sure!

Wow what a deal !!!

Thats quite a deal. I have my 29" already.
Sorry I didn’t see this when I was shopping for one.

Sounds like torkerdx has it. Its so cheap because I got a great deal on it and thought I would keep up the good karma.

So far the recovery hasn’t been too painful, but certain parts of the injury were excruciating… there is a pic in MR if you are curious. Its kinda gory though.

Since that^ wasn’t very clear.

SOLD to torkerdx