[For Sale] 2007 KH 24" / Torker DX / KH Percussion Leg Armour

Selling stock KH 24" Freeride, need the money as going away on a holiday soon. Rarely used, maybe 6hours of wear on it, slight wear on the right side of the frame due to shin pads rubbing apart from that near new.

Will post pictures later when camera is charged, asking $400 AUD, you pay postage, preferably australian buyers only but will sell overseas if needed.

Also seeling Torker DX 20" I think 07 model, not sure, seat and seat post have been replaced with a KH fusion street, make an offer.

KH percussion leg armour, size medium. Asking $70 AUD.

dibs! I’ll PM you ASAP. On the KH 24’

Any news on your sale?

interested in seeing the Torker. Possibly interested in buying, assuming that shipping isn’t too crazy.

Yeah can you post pics of the Torker?

the KH still for sale?

please post pics if so.



Yes, still for sale. Sorry about the lateness of my reply.

Here are some pictures. The unicycles have collected a little bit of dust while sitting in the shed but it will all clean off and the only damage to the KH is some slight wearing away on the frame on the right hand side due to leg guards, and a couple of scratches on the cranks.