[For Sale] 2005 KH24 XC in Canada

My 2005 Kris Holm 24" XC uni is available for Can$550. I’ve never done muni with it, and only took it off road about three times. Ever since I bought the Nimbus 36er I’ve lost interest in “little unicycles”.:slight_smile:

The price is reasonable. I bought this uni from Unicycle.com in June, 2006 for a total of C$667 (talked Customs out of pst and duty). Current price at Bedford for the 2005 KH24 XC is C$615 + $45 shipping + 6% = $697. A new 2007 KH24 from unicycle.com (when available) will run US$575 + $40 shipping + 6% @ 1.06 = Can $691 (if you can sweet talk them out of pst and duty at the border, otherwise add another 15%).

The differences between KH24 XC and KH24 are:
1.1 lbs lighter (mostly in rim and tire, which makes it a better climber according to Kris)
150 mm crank vs. 165 mm
38 mm rim vs. 42 mm
2.6" Kenda Kinetics tire vs. 3" Duro

The uni has almost no scratches, although I have engraved an anti-theft serial number into the seatpost tube (my drivers license number). It is basically in new condition. Ships to Canada only.