{for Sale} 2005 kh muni

im thinking like 500 you pay ship

Kh uni 2.jpg

Kh uni 3.jpg

such a nice muni, whay u sell’n it?

yah i love it but i dont realy ride it much aneymore

Is that frame one that will fit a Gazz, or is it one of the shorter leg types that only fit a Duro?

it will fit the gazz i beleave. Its the old style with the plate

how much and would you post to australia

500 us$ and i will send it anywhere you want if you pay the shipping.

and the seat is a kh gel and that is an hs33 with an odi grip manily to protect aganst scraches and that a mt. perk cyclery on the back

geez this is like the second sweet muni your selling in a matter of like 3 weeks…do you have a muni tree in your backyard?

Damn Neil, you givin’ up riding

You guys got me started. Now I ride everyday. Mr, “O” :thinking:

is that the freeride

thats better than the freeride…its got that magura brake which is worth
$200 bi itself

is it the freeride with brake

yeah…the freeride xc rim wont fit a gazz

Will you sell just the brake separately? if so, how much do you want for it?

sorey its not for sale aneymore (I remberd how much fun it was) but you could probaly pic one up for like 80-100 on ebay

or look ant the onza on hear he might wana sell his