For Sale: 2005 KH Freeride 24" muni. $325 Or best offer

The KH freeride uni.
It’s all stock, in good condition. I’ve only ever taken it on 2 or 3 muni rides ever, so the tire is still in great condition. I love it, but I’m forced to quit unicycling due to medical conditions.
It’s blue, and has a yellow seat.
I’m rarely on here, so if you are interested in it, send an email to me. [My username here] is best.
I’ll post more pics if you want, but I suspect you are all pretty familiar with this uni.
Buyer pays all shipping and packaging, but I’ll ship anywhere you want if you’re willing to pay the cost.

That really sucks man. And I didnt even meet you at the Belle Isle ride.

u mean his uni sucks?

No that he has to quit uni-ing.

yer i could never mimagine not uni-ing

totally random but teehee beeners in a qoute lol… i always dreamed of it… someday… haha aww

Can we please get back on topic now?

Can you post some more pictures?

If you posted this earlier in the day on the 30th I would have bought it.

I ordered a Torker DX from, which in the end after duty fees will cost me more than that. :frowning:

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I have taken a bunch more pictures. They’re quite big, so I’ll just post the links:

damn sometimes i wish i was in the US… thats a sweet deal!

i’d snap it up instantly… nice uni, i like teh way you put loads of pictures shows wot the uni is like.

what are the crank size on that again?