for sale - 2005/6 blue kh frame and seatpost

ok here are the pictures. you can see the scratches on the bearing housing. they dont affect the performance of the frame at all.



how much is that in USD?

You can convert currency using google, just search: 150 AUD to USD

At the top it will give you the conversion, it works the same for Canadian dollars (CAD) and EUR as well as many others.

that a really good deal.

i agree

someone should buy it!

That frame is like ruined :astonished: Did you grind off the bottom of the crown area for more clearance or sumthin?

The frame is in excellent condition. The only thing that isn’t perfect about it is the bearing housing which is scratched because of Max’s insane grinds. You should have seen that in the Skateparkfest '06 vid.

But that is really just the paint. I know that Max is very careful with his unicycle and parts. He regularly maintains them. And they sleep inside at night.

Keep in mind that it’s an '05/'06 frame? Perhaps you’ve mixed it up with another model?


EDIT: Now that I look at it again, I think it’s just the angle of the photo that makes the frame look like it’s missing that stuff under the crown.

How much for shippin?

how much wud shipping cost…cuz I will pay 100 Canadian plus w.e the shipping is…thanx…

no thats how the 2005/06 frames were. i havent modified it in any way at all.

ed - wow man i dont need a publicist when i have you!

hey man it would have to be more like 125 canadian plus shipping.

I will have to check shipping costs and get back to you. whats your area code? if you dont wanna post it here pm me.


Bahaha… I just realised that that’s the second thingy today that I’ve answered for you :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

That’s how much I respect you.

That will be one hundred BILLION dollars.


Can you get replacement bearing holders, and how much do you think postage to sydney would be. Else I know someone in melbourne that could possible pick it up and post it for me.

The only place that may sell replacement bearing holders for this frame model is bedford in canada. im not sure though.

There is nothing wrong with the bearing holder its just a bit scratched. it will still perform in exactly the same way.

im not selling this frame because there is anything wrong with it, just because i got my new uni so i have no use for it any more.

Shipping to sydney shouldnt be too much, otherwise if you knew someone who could pick it up that would be great.

Off topic but what new uni did you get?

Id buy… but with the shiping… commmin from bedford would probly come to the same,

2007 kh.

damn sexy.

ok im pretty sure the frame is sold. if not i will let you guys know.


Hey… iam from brazil, but my brother is living in australia…
he is in Brisbane.

How mutch it will cost to send to brisbane ?

not much at all like probably less than $20 but i have another buyer who is going to get back to me.

if that falls through then i will let you know.