For Sale: 20" Suspension Frame

This is a new frame. I got it on Ebay because it came with an Alex rim and Luna tire. Make an offer. It comes with the bearing caps.


is that some kind of 20" muni frame

$15 to open it up

I’m guessing somebody made that from a bike?

Looks weird. Really weird.


ive never seen a suspension frame on a uni before, on trials, maybe they could give extra bounce if you adjust it right, muni could be smoother, now i wanna ride it to just test it =p

To bad i have no money, well i do, but i cant afford to spend it on anything quite yet lol, if someone buys this, tell me how it feels, or if you could pdc, try it out and tell me =p

Would it fit a KH wheel set (42mm bearings)?

I think it uses 40mm, but those cheap bearing caps would probably accept 42mm.

is it elastomers?

Have you ridden on it? If you have then i assume it is broken. they are really not very good frames. they weigh a ton too.

I dont understand what the point of the suspension is on a uni because when you hop you stand on the pedals and if you land sitting down then you are doing something wrong. Im sure it would be too stiff for muni too, not providing any shock absorbtion, because if my memory serves me correctly the suspension is not adjustable.

I guess it would be like giraffes and those ultra-wide (4.5 inch?) 20 inch unis: a bit of a novelty but not very practical.

I think there has been a thread about them before too. i cant be bothered looking it up though.


Hey thanks for the input Max, it was helpful.sarcasm I have not ridden on it, noone has. It’s new. Were it broken I would had stated as much. You couldn’t be bothered to search a thread about it, but you did take the time to make this unproductive post.

Hey Phil,
The thread is here:

-It turns out you started it.

Sorry about yesterday i was in a bit of a bad mood. I just read my post and it was pretty unproductive wasnt it? So yeah, sorry about that.


ill pay 20 $ + shipping

Deal. PM me.

I can’t see it being any good really i’m sure there’s a good reason why no one has made a frame with suspension before, but i’d still love to try it out, could be difficult to ride if the spring or coils are too springy or loose though you’ll lose alot of traction

It won’t take much to buy this gem. Make an offer.

I thought Primus got it? I don’t have any money, if i did i would of probably gotten your summit =p but this still looks like fun to mess around on!

Ill ask some other riders around my neighborhood if they want to buy it.

define + shipping (to 53703 USA)

$11 shipping