[For Sale] 20"nimbus X

i just got this uni not even about 3 weeks ago, i thought i wanted to do some freestyle uniing but im not much into it, im asking $120+shipping. since its brand new i really cant go any lower.

Any pictures?

ill take some tomorrow!!!

Cool…my current freestlye uni (actually my only one) is a 24", plus it’s a CX Learner’s, so I think I should probably look into something better.

sorry i didnt get a pic today, i had a busy day ill try tomorrow.

Eh, actually I’ve thought about it, I’m not really interested anymore. I’m saving up for a Nimbus 29er instead.

thats actually the edxact unicycle im lookin to buy and have checked this forume daily for a post on a nimbus x…but am a little short on cash but if no one else buys, within a week and a half ill have the money

great!!! here are some pics of it!!! the only thing that is scratched is the sides of the pedals and the seat bumper and handle… check it out! and these were all taken this morning.

oooh nice how much would shipping be to K7M 8L2 Kingston Ontario, Canada cause i’m pretty interested i wanted a 24" but thats allright

im not too shure but ill check on that for you.

14 days later… lol got it checked out yet? hahaha… um not sure i want the whole thing now but how much for just the seat if you want to part it

sorry, i thought i posted… i sold it to one of my friends.
and now im waiting on my KH 20" trials

Let me attest, this is a wonderful freestyle unicycle! I am not interested, though, as I already have one.

how much for your kh trials? less than 100 i hope so so does everyone else :stuck_out_tongue: more then 500 i hope not :stuck_out_tongue: just wondering

Guys he already sold the NimbusX and he’s getting a kh not selling one. :sunglasses: