FOR SALE: 20" Miyata Freestyle

20" Miyata in very god condition. Looks like this one wasn’t ridden much.
$100 + Shipping from Zip Code 22939 Virginia.

Why the 24" frame on the 20" wheel?

embarrassing spelling error

A lot of the older miyatas were made like that. Somewhere around the forums is an explanation. John Foss is a good one to ask about that.

Oo would you maybe be willing to part with the seat. I ish I had he money rightnow.:frowning: Hw long are the cranks?

I sent you a PM

Havn’t received anythhing back from my PM. Is it still for sale?

Sorry, I was away. PM sent.

Cool. I just didn;t know if if made it through or not. Been around long enough to know that things happen.

Enjoy that New Year celebration tonight.