FOR SALE: 2 Tires - 24 x 2.6 Gazz 24 x 2.6 Kenda Kinetics

The Gazz is as new, less than 1 mile on it.
The Kenda is brand new, never touched the ground.
$25 for either + shipping
Wil be shipped from 22939

Gazz is sold. Kenda still available.

Is the Kenda sold? I am not sure when this thread was done lol.

it was done in 2007

I need to peruse the unicycle locker and see if it’s still kicking around. One day I need to have a serious parts sale.

If you want a kinetics 2.6 I have a couple of them. One is the sticky rubber version, and the other is the hard rubber version. Both are in good shape, the sticky one is more worn.

If you want either one you can have it for $10+shipping.

I can take some pix of the tires later if you want.

Yes, I want it! Take pics. I’m not sure the difference in rubber but I’ll look.

Now I see where the date is lol.

I’ll get the pix this afternoon. I don’t know off hand what the shipping will cost but I may be able to get the tire into a flat rate box.