[For sale] 2 Maxxis High Roller

So I’m selling two brand new Maxxis High Rollers, offer a price, I don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m selling them because I won them at OUI’07, but I don’t own a 24" (yet).


Hah I didn’t realize you won two of them. Good job! Now its like you are winning whatever prize you want!

are they good trials tyres?

Their 24"

and they have an off road tread:

although that would be good for trials.

Hey I remeber you grabbing that Tire. That is a nice tire my cousin has it on his uni and its nice.


well usually 24" unis arent made for trials.

But they are fun to do trials on.

i rock that tire on the rear of my trials bike . they grip like a bitch and the soft durometer makes it so squishy. if you are looking for a grippy tire for a 24" you would have a hard time finding anything better than that!

Ok, I am the only guy posting who actually wants one of these tires so I will take one for $30.00CAN and I will pay my own shipping. PM me and we can get one here.


mine is