FOR SALE: 1970 Chicago 24" Schwinn classic uni!

All original except saddle is new. This is not a repro but a classic 1970 Chicago-made Schwinn 24" uni in very nice condition.

The original tire has some sidewall cracking, but holds air fine and has very good tread. Original pedals are in good condition. Chrome nice also. Bearings good.

See Pic. Will only ship in US. First $85 takes it, and a flat $30 shipping with insurance included. GREAT collectors item and real classic Americana. Oh, forgot to mention that I had my lbs tighten the spokes and true the rim!

PM if interested.:smiley:

It took a while to pin-point exactly what was wrong with that photo, but it just didn’t look quite right at first. But I think it works really well as a way to take a decent picture of a unicycle.

STM - not giving the game away in case others don’t spot it

There’s nothing “wrong” with the photo other than the fact that it was actually rotated because it was hanging upside down when I took the shot!:smiley:

yeah i thought it was weird that uni hanging onto thin air… i noticed that little red clamp… and thought it was definately a very special uni :smiley:

yea, then I saw your weirdish arm position

Ok here’s another pic then:

Actually I was upside down when I took the picture!:wink:

that explains it!

you must be good at headstands :astonished:

Hmm, based on that pic I’d have to have at least a 3’ tall head! No, I was hanging by my feet-sees! What I won’t do for a good shot!