for sale '07 Torker DX 20" muni/trials $150

For sale:
2007 Torker DX Mountain/Trials Unicycle 20" $150
I purchased this new a year ago, and its in very good condition. Has the usual knicks and scratches. I have ridden it about 20-30 times over the past year, mostly in my backyard. I also rode it a few times on some off-road trails. I have never taken it off any big drops, only about 18" at the most. I also only weigh 125 pounds. This is my second muni and I don’t ride it as much as my 24" quax. Purchased off of
I live in Wichita, Kansas and would prefer local pickup, but will ship if you cover the shipping.

I have pics, let me know if you want me to email them to you



Any way you could supply some larger pictures? the ones you attached were the size of postage stamps.

sorry about that, here they are in a bigger size

nice, i wish i had the money :frowning: , i would totally get that

whoever buys it is gettin a nice uni :smiley:

too bad im canadian.

hey im interested in buying your uni but i live in canada, ontario im guessing it would cost me way to much to get that shipped here?

can you take pictures of the cranks, rim and saddle thanks.

I pm’d you. I would also like to see pictures of the cranks, and the hub.

All parts are stock. The only thing I changed on this unicycle is I cut 4 or 5 inches off the seat post. Here’s pics of the cranks and hub.




probably around $45 to ship to canada thru UPS

This looks pristine. Its a good deal guys - the DX is one beastly uni.

Wow! Great deal… I’ve been looking for a DX for a while now… about how much or shipping to zip code 01886, westford, Massachusetts?

it has been sold