For Sale 06 DX

I’ve got an 06 DX trials. Not much abuse on it. The tire still looks new and has a lot of grip. I had it painted green but it is now primer. The brake post are gone leaving the frame clean. Does anyone use brakes on a trials? Stock seat wrapped in a KH cover and chucked the DX pedals. It now has Forte pedals with a load of pins that you can replace/remove/adjust. I’m asking $200 free shipping in the US. Sorry Alaska and Hawaii, I won’t ship to you guys. Serious inquiries only please.

I would be interested, do you have any photos? (I sent you a pm)



I might be interested. Do you have any pics?

isn’t the price a little steep?
they are $250 new.

With free shipping and the pedal upgrade I would say 200 isn’t too bad, mrSparkle showed me the pictures he was sent of it. It’s pretty decent condition too.

Thanks. It’s in very good condition. It was pretty much babied. 200 I think is fair for the pedal upgrade, seat cover, and free shipping.


As of today, it is sold. Thanks for the PM’s everybody.

those pedals are crap btw.

I liked the Forte pedals.

They were really grippy, and really strong.

you will never ever ever see me go near a forte anything

Fill us in, why?