FOR SALE: '05 KH/Onza Trials UK

Time has come to part with my trials unicycle, it’s all original Onza equipment, cranks, hub and rim are perfectly straight and undamaged. I don’t think i ever did a drop above three feet on it, used it mostly for playing hockey infact. The cranks have the usual crank grab marks on them but no dents. The tyre still has plenty of wear left in it. See my gallery for more photos. This would be ideal for someone getting in to trials

Price: I’m looking for £120 INCLUDING postage (mainland UK), but I’m open to offers. Will consider overseas offers but the postage will probably be pretty high.

Please fell free to ask questions/request more photos, either in this thread, by PM or on jagman999 att hotmail dott com.

Sold to GKMac a measley two hours after posting, who says the trading post doesn’t work?