[For Sale] 04 KH20 + Nimbus BC

Here is the deal. I am in Richmond, VA and am happy to meetup or have the buyer pick either up. I am not really trying to ship overseas, but if have the highest offer, I will. Buyer will pay shipping and paypal or western union fees. I prefer western union since I don’t have a paypal account of my own, but if you must do paypal I will talk to my parents and see what I can do. PM me for references.

Nimbus BC wheel- starting offer $80 USD
ridden literally a handful of times

beefy 14mm bmx hubs + 3 position plates, the little nubs on the tire tread still there

2004 KH20- starting offer $200 USD
last year the cromo frames were made

very little wear on the cranks (couldnt do crank grabs), wheel is true, ridden lightly (no drops over 4 feet)

PM me if youre interested


I Offer 80 plus shipping

Contact me on the email

Dondi has the holding offer at $80 for the nimbus.
Kerosian has the holding offer at $200 for the KH.

If you want either, PM me with a higher offer.

Magixause has h/o for the KH at $225

sorry, scratch that… please no flakers- have your shit together
before you commit.

ha I couldn’t with in like 3 hours

Bump… Dondi flaked. So the BC is still up for 80 or make me an offer on the kh20 over 200.

Price drop on the BC- $70

bump… make me an offer on the BC

Welcome to the flakey Trading Post.

Bump… I’ve been away and havent heard from kerosian.

Both are still available, make me an offer. lowballers or flakers will be sent to the dungeon.