For Prospective Frame Makers

I know there’s been lots of frustration about bearing holders in frame making. I’ve been through my fair share of it… I normally advocate machining your own, but if that’s not an option, I’ve figured out an alternative. It’s not perfect, but it’ll get you ready to throw a frame together if you want.

Search for “shaft collar”. You will want to use the 2-screw shaft collar. It will give you options for materials, dimensions, etc. Pick the most important aspect of the bearing holders you need… this is generally the material. Then go from there. They aren’t particularly cheap, but will get you going. For an idea of cost, a set of two 1-5/8" ID aluminum shaft collars is ~$33. They have metric shaft collars aswell, however they’re only in steel and stainless.

Ideally you have access to a lathe to bore the collar to a good retaining sholder, however if that’s not the case you should be able to order to size.

I thought I’d provide this link since I’ve personally been through so much frustration designing easily made bearing holders.

Good idea, thanks for sharing. Luckily this time around I have a spare set of old machined ones. It’s interesting to see that they’ve got “hinged shaft collars” similar to the quick-release idea in that thread from several months back.


that is really cool!
thanks for the link!
This’ll probably really help me make my coker frame!