For how long have you been unicycling?

  • I don’t (how did I get here by the way?)
  • Less than a year
  • 2 to 5 years
  • 5 to 10 years
  • 10 to 20 years
  • More than 20 years :v:t6:

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Started 2020 just before March, after watching Ed Pratt videos for a couple of months and deciding I should give it a go.

There was no option for “less than 2 years, but more than one” so i picked 2-5 years.


24 years to be exact


I messed up!

I went for 5-10 years as I started around 10 years ago on a cheap 20” then built a nimbus 26” but I didn’t really ride very well and fizzled out interest until the last couple of years where I’ve been very focused and now have a good selection of unicycles and feel I ride fairly well apart from wishing I was better as I’m sure everyone has similar thoughts.

Yeah… I wish that too, but I do nothing to actually get better. However, I’m a beast in any dream I have about unicycling.


I learned in October of 2018. I hadn’t learned to freemount yet, so my riding was very limited and I didn’t try to ride it much after that month until some time in the summer of 2020. I learned to freemount that summer and I have been riding regularly ever since.

Same but I started just after the first Lockdown here in Canada. It has become my new addiction

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I started riding unicycle in 1970, I’m more shocked than amazed! :sweat_smile:

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I was a late starter - about 43 years ago.


I started 62 years ago when I built my first uni out of a tricycle wheel and some scrap metal I found around the farm.


This is probably the coolest thing I will hear this month.


I started during Australian lockdown July 2021. Working from home and needed exercise. Dragged out the 20” rusted up Unicycle I left under the house after picking it up from council clean up day, a few months back.

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OK, My mom says that I started July 1961, got a 24" Columbia from Marshal Fields downtown Chicago. She produced a receipt 7-28-61, for $31.85, seems rather expensive for the day. Says I hopped on and just road off. HAha, I remember it more like I face planted from garage to drive way for days. It amazes me she remembered much less keeps all this stuff in file cabinets “just in case”, now I know why I’m a hoarder.

Jim T. You have a higher end version of the same Uni. Does that price sound right?


This is awesome. You should share a pic of the receipt.

Your right, I’ll ask my sister who lives close by her to try and get that and send me a picture, I still have the Uni and it still rides well.


Just would be awesome.

I bought my 24" Columbia for about $50. That was about 1967 after it have been a try to ride uni in a local store for years.

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Thanks Jim, mine was new but the basic model, no seat bumpers, no white wall. Just a rider.

I learned in July -August in 2015. Have tried/ bought nearly all wheelsizes since then and decided the 26 and 29” are the most comfy sizes for me with 150mm cranks.
Sometimes I think of selling some of the others but who knows, maybe in some years my kids might also want to learn.

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