For Free Thread!

This is a thread to post odds, ends, and parts your willing to let go free to a good home.

I’ve got a green, self painted, koxx free tricks, it’s free to a good home. No bearing holders, and it needs a cut in the frame, but it’s free. Buyer pays all shipping expenses of course. Pm if interested.

I’ve also got a set of lightly used kh pulse gloves from 07 ready for a good home. Well one is lost, but I’m pretty sure it’s around here some where.

Pm if you’d like to pick these up.

I might have the odd seat post clamp here or there as well, along with some other small bits.

I’ve got a shaved white-tryall (the original one) showing threads, and a couple pairs of white odyssey pc’s that have been grinded on the left one. Maybe more stuff too, idk I’ll look tomorrow.

I might take the white odyssey PC’s Julia. I’ll check shipping and get back to you.

I’ll take the shaved Try-all and if Jagster pulls out or you have a few more pairs, I would like a pair of Odysseys.

I have a nimbus doublebolt clamp - 25.4mm - black which someone can have for postage :slight_smile:


I have stock square taper cranks from my torker cx,with the stock pedals,great cond,there free,need shipping cash though

I have: a Cheng Shin 20X1.95 tire (I might want to keep it)
VP pedals (sides broken off)
1 Right Odyssey PC-Purple(Missing cap)
125mm Avenir Cotterless Cranks (Broken nub in left crank, I can’t get it out)
Alister, I’ll take to 25.4mm clamp.

does the broken nub in the crank cause a problem? i dont really know what a nub is and google isnt helping. but i want shorter cranks for my coker and 125 seems mid-range, which is perfect.

The nub is the end of the hub and I’ve tried to get it out with a crank puller and it wouldn’t thread in.

25.4mm clamp still going, nimbus, black
didnt want to ship to the US :slight_smile:

You should be able to get that out with a hammer/punch.

Ok little kids, enough with the broken plastic pedals. They are cheap, for shipping, you could add a few bucks and get new ones.\

Seriously, only things worth actually buying. That is the point.

That said, I’ve got a set of pretty much brand new gusset slim jims in fluro orange, only mounted once. Was stupid and tried treading in some random pins, so on one pedal on one side two of the pin holes are stripped.

For trials most take one side of pins out anyway, so meh.

Free. First come first serve. Must be 15yrs or older and promise to use them. Seriously, have been kicking around for 2 years or so, so free to a good home. Extremely nice pedals, a lot seem to really like them, just not my style.

can i take those wickedbob? :smiley:

I have second dibs if shipping is too much or something. Aren’t you in the USA? I’m not 15 til the 27th though…

Dang you Ali. If you change your mind for whatever reason I’m just laying my claim on those pedals lol.

Edit*. Dang you too Julia! :’(

Hoping wickedbob doesn’t have a problem shipping abroad, i’ll pay whatever for these :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

I don’t need the white pc’s anymore so I guess they’re still going… unless they’ve already been sold

I know they were worthless, my post was mainly about the tryall but I figured I’d throw those in as well since they were just laying around in my room. Dunno why there was so much intrest haha, they were grinded a lot.

Oops sorry, I completely forgot to update this thread :o. I traded the tryall to Colby Thomas and put the pedals in the box too cause his friend Matthew Pederson wanted them.

Your second in line. I was joking about the age thing.

Im looking for an isis hub
Anyone got one lying around?