For Cody Williams - Colby Thomas

New video for Cody Williams! (:
please visit:!/JusticeForCody

Thank you Colby. :’-) this means alot to me. Luv ya bro!

I love you Cody! Someone at work today asked me how you were doing.

Cody should feel pretty happy. Colby releases the sickest trick done to date for him :smiley:

Fifthquad, I’m out.

I - am - speechless!!!
…FIFTHQUAD!!! … :stuck_out_tongue:


Colby, you’re unreal. And Cody, so are you, get better soon :slight_smile:

Still can’t believe the little kid Colby who used to sidehop up 2 pallets in videos is now grown up and busting out huge tricks like fifthquads.You are a beast,LIE OR DIE!!!