For anyone who lives near San Diego-Need your help!

Sorry for the short notice, but I’m driving to Noble Canyon tomorrow morning (Sunday, 1/4/09) to do the epic 11 mile downhill technical MUni ride! It’s located in Pine Valley, inland from San Diego’s coast. This is one of the MUni rides that was part of CMW 2008.

I plan to arrive about 8am at the lower parking area, where we will get a ride to the top, and start the Muni ride back down. I need someone who can meet me there, or I could pick you up on my way there, as long as it’s not too far out of the way.

I can offer $50 cash for your time. I will supply the camcorder, and no zooming or focusing is needed, so it’s very easy. You just need a steady hand to “track” me as I ride. We will stop a lot to film along the way down. Even though you will be behind the camera for all the filming, you will be in the credits as the filmer. :slight_smile: And you don’t need to be an expert at MUni, as you can simply walk around any parts that are too difficult. I also have a spare KH MUni and also extra 661’s if you don’t have them. You could also bring a MTB if you’d rather ride a bike. It’s up to you.

You would need a backpack with at least 70-100oz of water. I will bring food. This will be pretty much all downhill so no real climbing since this is done as a shuttle. If you can do this, please PM me asap so we can confirm things.

If you candrive and meet me there, then we will use either your car or mine to take us to the top, and leave the other car at the lower area. Thanks!:smiley:

PS: If I can’t find anyone to do it, it’s no problem. I know this was extremely short notice and everybody may already have plans, so no worries. I will just use mr. tripod, as usual. :o (Won’t look as good but better than nothing!:smiley: )

How did Mr. Tripod do? Or did you find anyone?

Decided to wait for warmer weather; it was only 28 degrees F at 9am! I forgot that because the ride starts at 5,000 feet, it’s even colder up there this time of year!

Plus, I got in touch with the same guy that did the filming for my “Iron Man” vid a while back-and he wants to do it-but also suggested that we wait for warmer temps. That means probably at least March. But it will be worth the wait to do it right! :o

I could to come along and film for you. I only went to cmw one day and i missed that ride.

Yeah it was very cold at the start if the ride in October!

By the time March comes around, I will have a 24" MUni. I did the 12 mile ride on my 20" at CMW. I’m sure with a 24 it will be much more fun, and even I might want to do that ride when you go. I might be gone for the first half of March, though, but I’m not sure yet.

Post Script

It says on Moab’s website that the dates for the MUni fest are already decided on. I’m surprised there isn’t a thread for it yet.