"For Alen"

i know it´s a shit video … shit filming, shit editing, and shit lokations, but hard trick´s ! i hope you like it :confused:

Blocked in the US!!! VIMEEOOOOOOOOO

Blocked in Hungary !!! VIMEEOOOOOOOOO

Blocked in the Holland!!! VIMEEOOOOOOOOO :smiley:

Blocked in Canada!!! VIMEEOOOOOOOOO

Blocked in the uk D:

Blocked in Belgium

and in Poland :slight_smile:


?, I thought you were from germany… :roll_eyes:


Sick riding dude!!! :smiley: 1080, 1080 side, ninthside, hickquad combo and fifth tripple was sick :smiley:


sry i uploadet it now on vimeo (:

That was so amazing! I can’t believe the tricks in this video! The seat forwards ninthside looked so awesome!

BOOM!!! Huge tricks, love it.

alot of nice tricks, 1080 side :astonished: