For a friend

I have a friend who is/wants to be new to uni

he wants a Sun 28" and I found him one for $115.

I know ive seen them for about $65 tho, so i was wondering if anyone knew the site where he could get one for cheaper?

please help


I did see one website selling them for $85 new but I can’t seem to find it anymore:( .

Edit: Heres one for $114.99 plus free shipping

What about this:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Kinda weird description and not the right picture but its a good deal if its real."%2C+STEEL%2C+Chrome%2C+Unicycle

yea, i saw that one already

im trying to help him find one for cheaper, cuz he barley has ANY money

Hawo friend. The 1st link goes for $114 so that makes it a dollar cheaper and every dollar less is always a good thing. As for the $65. I don’t the link sorry. :frowning:

Well there is this one and this Sun 28" unicycle. :smiley:


i got mine for $65 dollars.
but that was a long time ago on the Sun website.
i could never find it again after i got mine.
^the website that is.

Here is one for $75 plus shiping.

I was surprised how expensive the Sun 28 has become, so I looked around and found that link above. The sales feedback history for that store isn’t very great.