Footwear, Trials Unis, Brakes, Jumping, and Skateparks.

Alright all you real unicyclers, I’ve got some questions for you. I can ride a unicycle and have a great 29" GB4 but I’ve got some more questions about gear.

  1. What do you wear for footwear? (I’ve got to get away from wearing flip-flops sometime.)
  2. What do you recommend for a trials uni? (I’m in the market.)
  3. Do you have brakes? You like them? Recommend them? What makes them so great? Etc…

Also, is there a good guide to getting mad hops on a uni anywhere? (albeit my 29 isn’t great for this).

And lastly, the skatepark has a sign that says no bicycles, has anyone ever tried takin their uni in? Consequences?

Re: Footwear, Trials Unis, Brakes, Jumping, and Skateparks.

  1. Vans… I personally perfer the Rowely serires but all Vans are good!
  2. Kris Holm KH-20
  3. I have a brake on my mUni and highly recommend one for mountain uni on steep trails…I don’t think you’ll want or need one on a trials uni…but I’m not a big trails riding so maybe someone else should answer that.

I have vans rowley xlt’s i don’t like the new ones more money and they look alot worse to ride in.
Err i have a nimbus frame kh saddle with a qu-ax wheel set
totally unsure on brakes
don’t know if it helped but there u go!

  1. Converse all-star hi-tops.
  2. KH-20 (or summit if you can find one)
  3. Yes. Yes. Yes, if you are going to ride anything very steep.

-mg has a few bits and pieces on hopping.


Hey thanks! Everyone is very helpful here, this website is great!

unicycles as far as i know are not bikes but i still don’t think you will get in