Footplant Variations

A few days ago i got interested in footplants so i decided to learn a few different variations. I made a short movie its in here: its called footplants. The title got all messed up so its on 2 lines but i dont really care enough to change it. The footplants arent flowy yet but i need to work on that:D I thought i invented the 360 unispin footplant but then i did a search :roll_eyes: Can anyone else think of more variations?

you could do a 180 body spin than ride backwords

youre are the coolest kid ever :slight_smile: good job

creativity A+. Xavier did a real cool one, I think it was a 540 in his vid street motion…

Just would like to give musical credit to:

Nikkfurie - The A La Menthe

very nice! I would say your footplants are already very smooth, but what could make them better is if they’re just a little… faster, I guess? It just seems like you pause for too long. or something. nice job anyway!

you could start doing footplants on your bc wheel:D that’d be rather impressive.

i was wondering how that fusion airseat has been working for you? is it much better than the original kh foam padded seat? any less bulky? and keep up your good work

Thanks everyone.

I think ill try bc foot plants later this week, i think ill have to grab the wheel or wedge my foot in the platform alot so it doesnt fall. landing will be the hardest part.

I really like it, its so much better for sif, my hands are small so it was hard for me to hold it. I like it more than the origional foam its easier to do freestyle stuff because there is less bulk and its easier to take in and out of my legs for sif and sib.

what about a footplant handflip. like a crankflip, but spin the wheel with your hand. you are smooth, but i think the faster (less foot time on the bench) the better.

I was actually trying a footplant where i swung the frame around then as a dropped the wheel to catch the seat, i spun the wheel with my hand. I never got it good enough to film it.

Im sorta working on one,were you 180 pedal grab then jump up in the air,jump off the pedal,footplant,spin the uni around 360 then land.

even though you are coming up with some cool stuff… all those have been done before. but keep thinking, you are bound to come up with something original sooner or later.

im thinking of some. something like a footplant where you jump onto the ledge with your outside foot then do a around the leg to land. this is also going into a grind im working on where you land on the opposite crank with the outside foot.