Footplant tip needed!


After no one gave me any tips in this thread, I thought it was time to ask in its own thread.

Right, when I go to do a footplant, the wheel still rotates. Ive tried different ways, putting different pressure on the pedals before i jump, but it still does it. Can someone give me some advice here please? I’d love to nail it! :slight_smile:


I can’t actually do footplants, but I might have some advice. do you put your front or back hopping foot on the ledge when you plant it? if it’s the front, then you could leave the back foot on the pedal but put no pressure on it, so the wheel won’t spin at all. good luck…

Hey JP, cheers, but I use my backfoot :frowning:

Anyone else?


I use my front foot to do the plant. :frowning: Sorry Brutha.

If you do figure out how to do it with the back, Id consider that a harder trick. Like fakie in skating. (is that right? i dont skate ahha)

Even let it rotate so the pedals are 180 degrees diff when you land. Thatd be cool. But im sure you wanna crawl before you walk.

Good Luck man. Im sure you can do it. :slight_smile:

lol joe :stuck_out_tongue: i can do foot plants and im not a trials rider :stuck_out_tongue: hehe erm my tip would be just to keep the unicycle as close as possible and when foot planting the foot that doesnt come off the pedals doesnt put much pressure so the wheel moves.


I do it with my back foot and when i do a normal footplant, i push the wheel 180 like a 1 footed rev (not on purpose but it happens every time) then when i jump off the ledge, i pull it back so i land like i normally hop. So its like a 180 rev back then another one forwards.:smiley:

hmmm, with the backfoot… you could try something like right when you hop pull the unicycle back a little bit so the wheel starts to move backwards, like what they do in a crankflip to get the wheel to spin backwards. but don’t take your front foot off the pedal, so the wheel can’t spin. that might work, otherwise… I’m outta ideas. If I did crankflips, I would also use my backfoot because that how I do pedalgrabs, so I’m gonna try it on my next ride and see if I can give you better advice. good luck!

Ok, thanks guys, and Trev, the freestyle-ist! :stuck_out_tongue:

Think I’m going out tonight to have a little practice… I’ll let ya knows how I get on…


As I was riding at the skate park this evening something clicked, and footplants suddenly became easy. I’ve read on the fora so many times “just jump and land on your foot then jump back onto your pedals” but, sorry, this is absolutely useless advice. There’s a lot more to landing a footplant…

I’ve been working on pedal grabs and rolling hops lately and this is what made the footplants click… I don’t do crankflips or what-have-you before I land a pedal grab (at least not yet :slight_smile: ) and this is just what you need to think about when lining up a footplant.

Ride into the footplant like you’re doing a rolling hop, but don’t aim to make the rolling hop on the obstacle you’re “planting” on. Aim to miss your rolling hop, a little low and a little short of the obstacle. Don’t pull up so hard on the uni, so your feet come off right after you rolling hop, and land your footplant like it’s a pedal grab… put all your weight on your planted foot, and none on your opposite foot.

To finish the move you just gotta do a “flying jump mount”… you’re still holding on to your uni, so focus on the pedals and jump back onto 'em. Put the seat back underneath you (if you haven’t already) and ride away.

Now that you’ve mastered that, it’s time to add the crankflip / unispin / 180 / etc. before you land. SCHWING!

I find that sometimes it can be easier to make sure the wheel does spin while you’re doing it…just jump off the pedals, and the wheel keeps spinning, and right before the pedals are back in the hopping position, jump back on and concentrate on putting all your weight on BOTH of the pedals.

Go into it backwards? or if you still can’t get it, try planting with the other foot instead.

I think to something, but i don’t know if it’s possible as i plant my front foot.

When your back foot leaves the pedal, just touch the tire or the spokes with your front foot in order to stop the wheel from spinning (or even do an angle correction). It adds a movement to the trick so it’s something more to think at when you try it. But as everything like that, you could soon forget it and let your foot do it alone.
You can try to wait a little more before taking off your back foot too.

Hope it helps


The video in your other thread is one of my all time favourite unicycling videos, and I never knew it was you :p… I hadn’t met you the last time I saw it tho, that might explain it.

I’ve tried footplants for a while, but I never seem to get them quite right. I need to concentrate on about 3 things at once (1ft balance on a suddenly non-moving object, pedal location, dropping jump remount) and usually fail on 2 out of the 3. I might try slowing it down, and doing what I’ve seen other riders on here do, which is play with the uni a bit while you’re on the obstacle. This allows you to show off a bit, and you can use your hand on the tyre to steady the uni out a bit before the ‘big leap’.

My tip is try deconstructing it slightly. Do some dropping jump mounts off the object you’re trying to footplant onto, and get a feel for the remount. Then its one less thing to worry about. Also consider an intentional crankspin as your foot goes out. If you can’t stop it spinning then make it work for you, by crankspinning 360 degrees, stopping with (in your case left) foot and then remounting. I’m not sure how it would work in practice but it goes alright when I visualise it in my head :p.