Footplant or other sth nice?

Hi Guys,

First, Sorry for bad english, only 13 years old yet :).

I really dunno, how to do a Footplant.
As far as i know do i stand on an obstacle with 1 feet and turning the unicycle around …
Has some1 a video of a Footplant?
Is it hard to learn for beginners?
(never grinded, rekord is 3 stairs down with rollinghop, 30cm up and 80cm down…)

It really looks crazy, i like it, ive seen it in a video, dont know where anymore.

Or is there sth other nice like a footplant?

thanks for answers,

tassilo from munich/germany.

do you mean pedal grab or crank grab? I still can’t do ethier. There’s a video of a crank grab on

no, i know pedal grab and crank hang…
i mean footplant…
like on this picture from tugboats gallery…

hello. thats the easiest type of footplant. therdes several ways to do them.

type 1: ride alongside a ledge that isnt too high (a little lower than your wheel height). make sure its on your front pedal side when you hop. when your pedals are lined up correctly, hop. take your front foot off the pedal and put it on the ledge. keep your back foot on to keep the wheel from rotating. give a little jump with your foot and put it back on. then land.

type 2: when you hop, take both feet off and let the wheel spin a half rotation, full rotation etc. this type is harder because you have to time it to get your feet back on at the right time.

you can switch it up however you want. like use your back foot, stick unispins in etc. they are a pretty easy trick to learn i found, and pretty fun. so good luck with it. im in the process of trying to footplant on handrails down sets of stairs.

see ya, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

Thanx for ur describtion.

I thought first, that footplant only is with 180° or 360° Uniturns, while u r standin on ledge.

But driving, hopping, putting a foot on the ledge, jump a bit and put it back and land sounds nice, and i think it isnt to hard to learn for me.
Tomorrow ill search a nice ledge for trying.