Footplant help.

So here’s how i (attempt) to execute a footplant.
I can’t hop huge sets of stairs yet, or launch myself extremely high yet, so i’ve been practicing on benches and short blocks of stuff, and whenever i plant my foot, i can get up and launch back off sometimes, but then the padals spin with the wieght of my other foot and i fall. on the rare time that the pedals didn’t spin, i landed with my wieght WAY too far forward and took a spill into a tourist a few yards away…
any help and advice would be appreciated, such as tricks i should learn first to help with technique.

When you hop off try to almost start to do a back rev so that there is some pressure on the foot that is staying on the pedal. Then you just have to keep that foot from moving too far. Then of course there is the landing, that is where I have problems, I can get my foot back on the unicycle but when I do the unicycle ends up ahead of me and when I land I end up sacking myself. It is for that reason that I no longer practice them and have learned grinds instead.

hope I helped and didn’t scare you too much.

Take your time to start off… just go slow up to the bench, plant your foot… take time to wait for your pedals to align if they’re spinning… then when you feel confident jump back on.

repeat this over and over… and you’ll get the hang of putting pressure on your pedals just before leaving them so as to keep’em straight. You’ll also gain confidence in jumping back to the pedals.

Hmmm another approach is to let your non-planting foot keep on spinning the unicycle at the same speed… it takes mroe practise but then it becomes more of a timing thing than focusing on keeping them straight.

So are you taking both feet off the pedals or are you keeping your nonplaning foot on? For just normal footplants I keep my other foot on and I end up pushing it down and right before I land back on it I pull it back up. It is kind of wierd, it looks like a forward half rev to backward half rev in my footplant. If you plant with your forward foot then you probably won’t have that problem though.

i’m trying to do it with leaving my nonplanting foot on the pedal.
the fact that i was trying it with my MUni probably wasn’t helping either…

can’t hinder much either…

you have a point there, murde.

I take both foot off and make my cranks do a crankflip… it’s the only I can do it… u might wanna try that