Footage From UNICON

I was just wondering if anyone had the street runs by me, mike and lucas and/or some footage from trials inparticular Joe Hodges?

Anything you can muster would be much appreciated.


I don’t know if you’ve see the unicon DVD but it has bits of you, mike and lucas doing your street runs. Unfortunately no trials on there, bit of a shame.

Yeah, I thought there would be. Anyway I would be able to get a hold of atleast my run? I’m sure the other two guys would like to see theres if they haven’t already.
As for trials, I’m sure there were people filming it, anybody?

If anyone has my street run on there harddrive could they, please! delete it and never speak of it again, that would be much appreciated lol, look out fluck though, im not drinking ha ha

Just had a quick check, the DVD has about 1 min of lucas and mike’s run, and about 30 seconds of yours Jason. It only has the full run of the top five riders, and a montage of the rest of the runs.