Footage Date Moved!

Yo, I can’t help it I hate giving more time, but I want good footage (actually I have good footage, I want more good footage). Dan’s cooking up alittle for me, I got Kaori finishing off her part this weekend, I got a dv tape coming in, and Keaton is getting some goodies together too. Can we all do next weekend, maybe monday? lol. I hate waiting, but I would rather have an awesome video than one thrown together. I really want everyone to be intertained. I would appreciate anthing people can get. My part is finished so I hope no one out their ages my footage, but I welcome the challenge. lol. Good luck, laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

Well, I went to shoot today, and the camera doesn’t work. its an old analog one, and it plays for a little bit and it can fast forward, but if I rewind it, it freezes up and the tape unrolls inside the camera. I tried to record where it was, and it recorded for a little bit, but then it froze up again and when I tried to take the tape out, the film broke. So, I coulndn’t get any footage.:frowning:

That’s a life saver for me, was gonna try and rush everything in one day but I feel abit more relaxed now,
cheers shaun.

Yeah yo, no worries. This vid is looking good, i’m not going to lie. I just need some goods from Ryan and Dan and we set. Both of which should get a little at least by monday. So all good.

-Shaun Johanneson

You know what. When I want the footage to stop coming in, i’ll tell you. Ryan A, please get lots of goodies. I want a full amazing video. For me, i’ll be riding and filming more for something else so i’ll be doing something. Just rip it up, i’ll tell you when it’s all due, haha. (Porbably like another week and half maybe more. I Just want this vid amazing)

-Shaun JOhanneson

just never clarified this, is this a DVD?
or just a hugely awesome online video that i can be my jewish self and not fork out cash for?

True, all online. But still serious riding. I put everything I could for effort into my part. So don’t undermined, this may be a completely free you have to do no work, or wait any time after it’s release to watch, I still want all the riders to try, and maybe anthony you could get just a few clips man. lol. I would really appreciate anything giving. There is more than just riding in it too, some commercials and a little game show where you all play. Trust me, it’s going to be good, i just need the riding to match.

-Shaun Johanneson

can i email you some clips? i’m working on my DVD right now, but i’m sure i could spare something.


There is a little secret rider for this film. I’m not going to lie he’s not the greatest (He’s with me right now, haha) but his style is just like mine. Except he’s regular footing. You’ll see some goods of him in the friends part.

-Shaun Johanneson

is it harper???


I’m probablly out for any more filming Shaun, my back hurts even to walk at the moment…

Wait, so is the deadline a week from this monday?

I hope I have time to get something filmed, school sucks so much right now. I have like 3 essays, a research paper, a calculus test monday, 120 words to define, a book report due this friday (I haven’t started the book) and more!!! I have no time to do anything :angry: Right now I wouldn’t even think about going riding…

Oh and my camera decided to break so I will have to borrow my mom’s digital camera so that sucks.

Just yesterday I found out that my friend has had my camera for the past year and a half. I thought it was missing, but apparently I left it in his car a long time ago. I’m planning on going to the skatepark tomorrow or monday to film for a while - if not I’ll just film in my driveway. I’m not the best by any means, but if you want some footage I can get you some, haha. It should be pretty decent quality; it uses minidv and has a memorystick slot…but the stick itself is missing…

I also need to find the capture software…maybe I can find it online…

EDIT: BTW, what are you doing on the forums then, Spencer?!

Well most of my homework is on the computer and it is really tempting just on my little internet icon that takes me right here…
I can post something in a few minutes, to land a new trick on film riding a bc wheel can take over an hour. I can film lines quicker than that but that means I have to go somewhere (I do plan on going somewhere with stairs and stuff later this week if I have time) and hopefully get some footage.

Monday nah dude. If ya need more it’s cool. As long as I can still ride and get goods. I started a whole new thing anyway. Basically a second part so yeah. Maybe towards the end of next week (12days). Just do the school thing. haha. laters.

-Shaun Johanneson

Same, my history teacher makes ALL his homework electronic so I always break down and click! Im here

Yo ok so here is what should go down.

Main Riders:

Keaton Miller, Kelly Hickman, Shaun Johanneson, Kaori Matsuzawa, Jeff Liechti, Lutz Eichholz, maybe a few others.

Also Appearing:

Jerad Glatt, Forrest Rowell, Lucas Wintercrane, Spencer Hochberg, Josh Roehrich, Dan Heaton (Maybe), Ryan Aktins (Maybe), Bryan Stevens, James Johnson, And More

Sorry if I missed anyone, I’m not on my computer and can’t see what footage I have.

Movie Contains:

Full parts from Keaton, Shaun, and Kaori, half parts from the other main riders, a full fall section, a friends section, full credit section, commercials, a gameshow where you play, and a bonus section. Running time estimated: 40 minutes.

Do you know what time it is?

-Shaun Johanneson

Wait, and this is free?! I love you Shaun! (just kidding)

Haha, yep all for free. But that is also why a lot of the riders aren’t taking it seriously. A lot of people are hardly trying for this vid. I swear when it’s done a lot of you will wish you would have tried harder. This has all the aspect of a great movie except the effort (Excluded Kaori, she really did well). I’m really down about it.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Excluded my effort too. Come’on I’m doing two parts in the time everyone is given for a half part.

Lol well I got some off road gliding il have to refilm for ya, and I got a relaly sketchy line in my yard Ive been wanting to do, if i can film it and the latter doesnt move killing me il get ya the footy. I couldnt film this weekend due to work but il try to get ya some by monday, maybe I can borrow a camera and film Spence so he can give ya more…Well il see what I can cook up bro, cath ya lata yallz~!