Foot twisting problems

Yesterday I rode 8 miles with no problems. Today I tried the same route and found that my right foot kept twisting off the pedal.

I place my right foot on the pedal and mount by hopping up with my left, so I know that the foot placement of my right foot is fine before I start, but as I ride along I become aware, bit by bit, that my right foot is shifting on the pedal so that after a mile or so I can see one of the pedal pins that my foot had previously covered - so I know it’s moved.

This then makes me feel as if I’m sitting wonky - as if my body is twisted a little to the right. I have also noticed that my right shin gently touches the frame but my left seems miles away from the frame - so I must be slightly twisted.

Being an experienced newbie I know that most of these problems are just newbie bad balance issues that will resolve themselves with more hours in the saddle, but I’d appreciate any input from you experienced riders if you can remember back to the point where I am.

Just to add, I’m on a KH24 with a very worn Leopard tyre and KH clear plastic pedals with eight metal pins each side, and I’m wearing Sam Hill Impact 5 10’s - so you’d think my feet would be fairly well glued. The track is flat tarmac with a bit of a camber in places and I’m tending to ride on the extreme right hand side for some reason.

It sounds like your seat might be misaligned. Make sure that your seat is as straight as possible, because I know that if my seat is not pointing straight forward I have an impossible time riding straight and other issues occur.

Ride on the opposite side of the trail for a while. It’s probably from learning to ride on the cambered surface.

Maybe if you are constantly pulling up with your left hand, the left side of your body will naturally be in more compression, which may take some weight off the right.