Foot slipping off pedals whilst freestyling (buy new pedals?)

I’ve been doing a lot of hop related tricks lately and have found that every time I hop my foot sometimes slightly slips off making each consecutive hop harder. I really don’t know whether this is due to my technique, my pedal or my shoe (or a mix of them). I’m willing to spend around 50-100 bucks on some pedals if they will make a big difference.

All advice is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

What pedals do you currently have on your unicycle? I would recommend buying Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals. They are plastic with molded pins and offer a nice amount of grip without being too hard on your shins. I have a review of them here:

Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your use of the word “whilst.”

I’m actually using some bike pedals that I have because the original pedals on the LX are pretty horrible. I’ll definitely check out the Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals and your review on them.

Highly rate twisted pc’s. Cheap and durable, offering high amounts of grip.

Ive noticed similar problems, I noticed the same thing whilst idling over longer periods, feet kind of slide gradually out to edge of pedal, i tried using bmx style off road kinda pedals but i found they were great for grip while hopping they were too grippy while lidling and normal riding as it was too difficult to reposition my feet while riding. not to mention pretty harsh on shins when they inevitably meet.
I’ve heard great things about those twisted pc s , if you’ve got money to spend they’re probably a good bet. good luck with it anyway, hope you find something that suits :slight_smile:

For freestyle I highly recommand the ‘Miyata freestyle pedals’, they’re the best you can get, simple as that. Qu-ax provides them in their pedal, so if you have a store that stocks qu-ax parts and unicycles, they should also have the pedals.

Twisted pc’s are great for a very wide range of unicycling and yes are cheap and very durable. But for freestyle id say the pins are far too big, they are great for grip but as far as plastic pinned plastic pedals go, these are one of the worst for your shins. I wouldn’t recommend them if you do just freestyle.

The Miyata pedals look awfully lacking in grip and would probably make my slipping situation worse, although of course I can’t know for sure that their grip is that bad.

how grippy are the twisted pc’s when wet? My pedals get wet quite a bit because it rains a lot here, so I have metal pedals for extra grip in the rain, but I would rather have lighter, cooler looking pedals (I really like the translucent colors).

As has been said here already pinned pedals can literally bite you, even when doing freestyle only. Plus, freestyle tricks often demand a little wiggle room on the pedals so pins can be too sticky. Unless you usually wear shin protection I would shy away from pinned pedals for freestyle.

Many of the riders on our team have experienced freestyle pedals that are too slippery. What we discovered is hard plastic pedals (without pins) are just too slick, and get more so over time. Find pedals that have rubber on the pedal surface, that should do the trick. They can often be difficult to find so check your local bike shop. When I found some I bought 3 pairs so I’d have spares!

An additional option is grippier shoe rubber. I’m not a freestyle rider, but for urban riding (trials, commuting) lately I have been using these shoes:
I suspect they would be quite good freestyle and flatland shoes.

They also use a reinforced material on a “rand” just above the rubber on the inside back half of the shoe, near the arch where it would wear on crank rolls.

(Full disclosure: I have sponsor support from 5.10. That said, I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t like them =))


Unfortunately I’ve already bought new shoes in an attempt to increase my grip but they failed to make a big difference. However if you recommend these then I guess I could spare a little extra cash :slight_smile: