Foot Position

Today I was practicing hopping, and I realized that when I hop I hop like this:
Right foot forward, right hand on the handle, and I am hopping to my right (away from where my left hand- free hand- is)

If I continue hopping like this, will it make any difference as to how high I can hop in the future? In most of the videos I see, people usually hop to the side where their free hand is. I was just wondering which way is better or easier to do.


I hop exactly the same as you. I cant job brillaintly but im fairly good. i think i am lol. ive only rode 4 months. i cant expect to much

I hop with my left foot foward and my left hand on handle and I can hop just as high as left foot foward and right hand on handle. I dont think it makes a difference but you should learn to hop several ways so you dont have to do so many pre hops.

Hopping towards your free hand allows you to tilt the uni in the proper direction to absorb the sideways forces that come from a big side-hop. It’s not that you can’t do it with your other hand, it’s just much easier to do it with the correct hand.

That being said, it’s largely a matter of preference… past polls on the forum (as useless as they may be) show some people hop left foot forward, and others right. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, even though there may be easier or harder ways to do it… just keep practicing!

Two contradictory phrases.

Anyway, I hop just like you (the original poster), and I am decent.

Now I do it completely different… left foot forwards and right hand on the saddle… anyone else do it like me? I find it easier to hold the saddle with my right since there is more room (right leg back and out of the way).

I hop left foot forward, right hand on handle and jump to the left.

I wouldn’t worry at all about your foot postition (left or right forward), but i would highly advise hopping towards your free hand. For me that would be to the left. A lot more control. And bails are better.


The wierd thing is, I can’t hop with my left foot foward… my wheel just spins around until its my right foot foward.

Same here. If I try to rolling hop with my left foreword, I automatically do a mini crankflip and then end up somewhat awkwardly. :o

That is just because you have gotten used to it. My friend hops right foot forward and right hand and to the right. He can hop and gap fine. The only problem is when he does pedal or crank grabs he finds it hard to balance. But I have seen some people in videos who just towards their hand that holds the seat and they do it fin. And if they get off balance they just grab their seat w/the other hand just to get balanced.

left foot forward and left hand on handle

So today I was practicing hopping with my right foot foward, right hand on the handle, but this time hopping to the left… It seems a lot easier than with my left foot foward, and I can feel how I am balancing a lot better, but its still hard for me to get over 2-3 inches… oh well, I guess practice will lead to being able to hop a lot better.

Shoot, I missed the edit… but I wanted to ask was would it be worth it for me to work on left foot forward hopping for crank/pedal grabs in the future, or should I just keep hopping the way I am now and run into some of those problems in the future?