Foot position on a Coker

Do you good Cokerers(is that a word?) pedal on the ball of your foot or the arch. I’ve seen both and try both and am not sure which is more efficient.

I would not consider myself good but i have traveled a couple hundred miles and i prefer the arch of my feet on the center of the pedal. If i put the ball of my foot on the pedal it feels like i have less control starting and stopping. Just my opinion.

The ball of your foot is more efficient because you can more effectively “pull” on the up stroke. The joint where the big toe joins the foot should be in line with the pedal axel. This explains what I’m talking about better than I can.

More efficient, should be with the ball of your foot. When I ride distance on my KH29 I ride with the ball of my foot on the pedal. You only ride with the arch of your foot on the pedal when your doing drops and stuff to reduce the leverage on your ankle although sometimes when the pedals are slipery I often move my foot forward on the pedal because it feels more secure.

I put my foot where it lands :stuck_out_tongue: (mostly in-between)
BUT the most important adjustment for me is to have the toes always pointing slightly downwards! no kidding: it made a huge difference on tendon fatigue and better control : I try to never have my foot horizontal. Did someone else experienced that?

genreally people use the word ‘cokeurs’

personally i always cycle on the arch, but it is more genreally accepted to cycle on the ball.

Whatever position is most comfortable at the moment. There are many foot positions, and I move my feet around a lot. I’ve found that I even sometimes ride with my feet asymmetrically positioned because of road camber, I think. I generally like to be closer to the balls of feet when climbing and closer to the arch when I’m descending.


I find it very strange reading that people think it’s easier/more efficient (or whatever) to ride with the ballsof your feet. For me it feels very unsafe or as if my foot could easily slip off, but when the pedal is in the middle it’s nice and secure - and for me that even applies to riding on grippy pedals like snafus. What’s more, surely if you are using the balls of your feet your are going to get ankle pains more/quicker?

From my road and mountain biking experience the ball seems the best. But on a Coker, it does feel more stable on the arch. I have found myself switching between the two. I started this thread because a very good cokeur(say I’m not in the UK!) told me definitely the arch.

I ride on the ball of my foot. It’s easier to make small adjustments to foot position and also let’s you flex the foot up and down some…I think that’s important at high revs so you don’t get bounced off on bumps or if you made a mistake you don’t get ejected off the unicycle.

I put the balls of my feet over the pedal axle. I ride like this in all types of riding I do (muni, trials, road and freestyle). Riding on my arches feels clumsy to me.

If you mean pain in the Archilles’ heel tendon, I’ve experienced that. Its often caused by too high a seat height. To me finding the right seat height especially on a road uni is all about striking a balance between too low (which leads to pain in the knees) too high (which leads to pain in the Archilles’).